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Introducing mobiPET

The Only mobile photo amber alert program for Pets

Bringing the power of mobile networking to your search for a lost pet

mobiPET is a company that helps reunite lost pets and owners. mobiPET brings the immediate action of real-time mobile networking to the search for a lost pet. With just one text message, people in your area who care about pets are alerted that a pet is missing.

Unlike RFID implanted microchips, mobiPET is non-invasive and requires no special equipment, such as chip readers or scanners. mobiPET works across all mobile phone service carriers. A camera-enabled mobile phone with text messaging capability is all that is needed, which covers over 90% of the U.S. mobile phone market.

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Watch the mobiPET presentation video to see how the service works Learn more

Vets, Boarders, Groomers, Shops

Veterinary & Shelters
Learn about distribution of mobiPET ID tags and the Referral program Learn more

Animal Shelter

Animal Shelter
Learn about distribution of mobiPET tags and the Donation program Learn more


Gated Community Program

Find out about our gated community program and how to register all the community pets Learn more

Become a Pet Finder

If you don't have a pet but would like to help your neighbors and friends find their lost pets, register here to become a Pet Finder Learn more

Lookup a mobiPET ID Tag

Found a pet and need to contact the owner? Type the code and get the pet's details here. Learn more

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